Pop up "Jimmy Choo x Sailor Moon" at Selfridges, London​

The challenge

For the 30th anniversary of the iconic Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga, Jimmy Choo creative director Sandra Choi collaborated on a capsule collection in which she reflected the two brands’ shared values of individuality, boldness and female empowerment. A collaboration between brands in which Jimmy Choo pays tribute to the pop culture of the anime series.

The challenge, to bring that spirit to the point of sale, on this occasion the chosen space was a pop up store located in the atrium on the ground floor of the accessories room of the Selfridges department store in London.

A space with extra demands regarding the installation of the elements created for the promotional campaign.

The result

When a brand like Jimmy Choo considers launching a capsule collection with limited designs in collaboration with another brand, success is assured.

That’s what happened in this case. The creation of the Pop up, its striking design, the production of the personalized furniture for the campaign and its installation in a single night along with the chosen location, the Selfridges department store in London, everything was a success.

The result was a resounding sales success, in hours what was intended to be sold in two months was sold.

The brand wanted to attract attention and it succeeded.


Anime inspiration

This project shows us how pop culture, cartoons and more specifically Japanese comics are in fashion, luxury brands introduce them into their designs with results as spectacular as this one.

“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a unique global phenomenon: a manga and anime that resonates, that builds bridges between cultures and languages, that speaks to different generations and that unites us all. That’s what attracted me to this project, celebrating 30 years of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon through this collaboration,” says Sandra Choi, creative director of Jimmy Choo.

The collection had been designed and created, now it had to be presented, taken to Jimmy Choo’s clients. Through its website and also physically, with an exclusive Pop up installed in Selfridges, London, where the iridescent decoration of the furniture combines with the items in the collection and does not leave any visitor indifferent.

The development

Collaboration between brands

The creative process of the space that we had to create began with the designs that the brand provided us in which Naoko Takeuchi, creator and caretaker of its franchise, had participated.

“Being able to work so closely with Naoko Takeuchi has been very inspiring. This collaboration underlines our shared values, fashion’s ability to inspire inclusivity and individuality through personality and self-confidence. The notion of transformation through “Fashion is fundamental to Naoko Takeuchi, and clothing plays a vital role in the identity of her superheroes, especially her shoes, the most powerful transformer” Sandra Choi, Creative Director of Jimmy Choo.

Starting from this idea on which the collection is based, the development of the space has to describe the world of the comic, it must represent it and bring it to reality by including each article.

“Details are essential to convey the campaign message”

We started with the adaptations, the Jimmy Choo creative department provided us with their 3D designs and from the INSTORE design department we got to work developing each element that was part of the decoration at a constructive level and creating a complete project on plan. in order to get approval from the shopping center.

Mobiliario para un pop-up de Jimmy Choo en Londres
Mobiliario personalizado para una tienda Jimmy Choo en Londres

The measurement process made us optimize and adjust each element, designing light points where they were necessary, furniture with exact measurements and very complex structures produced and pre-assembled in our workshops in Madrid and then transported to London.

The production of the Pop up was carried out mainly in wood and glass, each piece of furniture was designed and had to be manufactured in detail.

The entire Pop up was created with responsibly sourced materials with the idea of recycling them after use.

Moon-shaped seats, display cylinders, counter covers, a table with an LED screen on which the product was displayed spectacularly as an urn, glass backs with shelves for placing items……and all of this with the dichroic laminate finish, the protagonist of this promotion at the point of sale.

But we cannot forget Luna the Cat, Sailor Moon’s pet, her faithful friend and advisor. A character with special relevance in this Pop up.

A cat made in 3D printing in Madrid for which we had to create a special base in laminated wood with dichroic adhesive.

One of the most photographed elements of the stand that attracted attention due to its large size and the quality of its finishes.

Decoración para un pop-up de Jimmy Choo

We managed to create all the decoration on time and pre-assemble it in Madrid but now came one of the biggest handicaps, the installation of a Pop up in the Selfridges stores with what that entails of personnel transfers, permits, procedures and shipping of all materials.

The logistics and shipping of all the elements had to start from our offices so that there were no problems.

Each material was packed with care, the large glass structures were transported without problem and upon arrival in London our team of assemblers was there to do a perfect handling.

Keys to a successful Pop Up Store


Unique experiences

Jimmy Choo is pure innovation and originality, demonstrated in each of his designs.

With this collection he wanted to conquer his audience, impact them, offering experiences that make them feel, remember, thus reinforcing their brand message, showing that the brand is more than just fashion.


Sandra Choi​

“Jimmy Choo was founded to create unique and attractive pieces that we can wear on special occasions, to live moments worthy of a fairy tale. That idea is part of our DNA, our reason for being” the creative director of Jimmy Choo says He is clear and in this collection he has demonstrated it once again.


Visual impact

Going for a striking and surprising design when creating promotional campaigns is essential if we want to win over our customers and increase sales.

Collaborations with other brands are always well received by our followers and increase engagement and improve brand image.

Pop up Jimmy Choo x Sailor Moon Selfridges London


Dichroic sheet

The star material of this Pop Up. It offers perfect, striking and very original finishes. Furthermore, on this occasion it was the perfect material to tell the story of a collection full of color.

Both on wood and glass, the impact of light on this adhesive has helped us bring the Rainbow to Selfridges.



The importance of offering your product as something exclusive with promotions at special points of sale makes these types of campaigns a success.

Not only were the items in the collection displayed as if they were authentic jewels, but the packaging in which they were given to you was unique. They could only be purchased online for a limited time or at Selfridges pop-up stores in London, China World Mall in Beijing and Isetan in Tokyo.

Creating need and product shortage is something that succeeds.


Naoko Takeuch

“I feel extremely happy that the characters and stories that emerged from my imagination are now loved by many people around the world. What has always been truly important to me is the pure, youthful imagination and the power of young girls “I think the Jimmy Choo brand also has these qualities” Naoko Takeuch creator of Sailor Moon.

Jimmy Choo’s respect for the artist and her work is present in each design and in the creation of the Pop Up, of which she was a participant at all times.

Pop Up Jimmy Choo lámina dicroica

“Excellence in craftsmanship is an integral part of the soul of Jimmy Choo”

Producción e instalación de un expositor de productos para Jimmy Choo


Touring Europe

Internationalization is one of the strategies that makes a brand grow. Jimmy Choo owns luxury boutiques in the most important capitals of the world and has spaces in iconic department stores where it launches its promotional campaigns and its temporary star products. INSTORE, together with the footwear and accessories brand, has created shop windows, corners and pop-ups in London, Milan, Paris, Munich, Vienna, Geneva, Madrid and Barcelona. Promotional campaigns such as “Jimmy Choo x Sailor Moon” are a clear example that point-of-sale promotions are successful. If the product is good and well presented, your customers will feel attracted. In addition, you will be able to strengthen your brand image. Being in continuous movement, creating actions, making your audience participate… are essential strategies if you want to increase your sales.