Hermès Savanna window displays

The Challenge

A complex challenge that required meticulous work: bringing the African savannah to the windows of Hermès boutiques in Spain. The INSTORE team took the control of the project to bring the real protagonists to life: gazelles, rhinoceroses, monkeys, giraffes, lions and elephants were part of the city’s most emblematic streets.

The Result

After overcoming every obstacle along the way, we managed to create spectacular, creative window displays that left no one indifferent. Perfection is what the team was looking for in this project and without a doubt, we achieved it.

logo hermes blanco

A unique design by Marcel Van Doorn

We started the project following the letter of innovative designs that Marcel Van Doorn proposed for the shop windows. The Dutch artist was inspired by the sunsets of the savannah, its warm colours and the majestic fauna that inhabits it. The products did not shine at the forefront, on the contrary, the objective was to highlight the setting, attracting viewer attention. 

Our team got down to work; the production and installation was carried out entirely by our carpentry and painting departments. Creating, in an artisanal way, the 3D animal puzzles taken from a large size, to the rear pieces that frame the final result.

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The development

Taking care of every detail

We started with Van Doorn’s 3D designs. Once we had studied them, plans of the animals were purchased to create the models. Here the first challenge arose: the size of the pieces in the design were much smaller than the size in reality, our problem was with the scale. 

Our quick solution was to resize the thickness of the pieces and found the perfect size. The classification of the pieces and colours was another important challenge, a meticulous referencing plan was followed as we had a large number of pieces.

Bocetos para la fabricación de las muestras de las piezas 3D de animales
Muestrario de colores para la producción de elementos que irán en el escaparate
Fabricación de rinoceronte en madera para traseras de escaparates Hermès
“The 2D / 3D environment created more depth thanks to the use of light and colour”
Traseras en madera decorada con arena

Once everything was organised, each piece followed the same process, firstly in the carpentry department they were cut with a numerical control machine.

Then they went to the painting department where colour was implemented. Some pieces had sandy textures, these were created by hand, placing the sand and then painted. Metal reinforcements and frames had to be fabricated on the laser cutting machine for later installation. All this work was carefully handcrafted. We finally had achieved the perfect composition and everything was ready for passers-by to enjoy the warmth of the savanna.

Joyero con silhuetas en forma de mono para sujetar collares
The essential keys to a unique project for Hermès


The material par excellence: wood

The variety of elements developed using wood as a raw material was fundamental. The result was a balanced, elegant and exotic composition. This material allowed us to mould different volumes creating very original shapes.


Sensation of depth

Warm colours, plays of light and colour, sandy textures and paintings with colour scales were the details that, in a subtle way, created depth in these 3D shop windows. Providing a sensation of realism and astonishment to the passer-by.


The animals: the real protagonists

The depth achieved thanks to the installation of different layers and shapes turned the shop window into a stage where the wooden animals, created in 3D, shone in their own light.

Pieza pequeña de madera con la forma de un león para la sujeción de un reloj


A perfect combination of colours

Warm oranges, dark reds, yellows and browns brought the project to life. Finding the perfect shade was key, as it is very representative of this type of climate. Thanks to this, we were able to create windows that were recognisable to everyone.


Sandy textures

Bringing African soil to Spain was a big challenge. Once we had tried a multitude of sands and then found the perfect one, the sand was integrated into the figures by hand, creating different textures and simulating the landscape.


A work of craftsmanship

Each piece is unique. Every piece was produced with the greatest possible care and detail. A handmade and meticulous work. Perfection is what we were looking  for in this project, and without a doubt, we surpassed all our expectations. 

Producción artesanal para decoración escaparates Hermès Savanna
Producción de animales de madera para la exposición de producto
Pieza de madera con textura de arena lacada
“We wanted to create the sensation of being able to enter the shop window”
Proyecto Hermès Savanna colocación de producto en escaparates de la boutique

The outcome

Work and effort to achieve perfection

After 2,500 pieces and 70 animals, the moment of truth arrived: the installation. The transport was complex, we were dealing with a multitude of figures and their respective references, and their instalment was not far behind. We had to play with the space, having too many figures with a little showcase. We managed to create a sensation of depth using the backs of the windows, produced in the same way as the animals. 

When the assembly team had finished their work, all the pieces of the puzzle fitted together perfectly. All Hermés facades were transported to a different environment, a faraway land of uniqueness and specialty…the Savanna.

Instalación de traseras por capas y en madera y animales 3D en escaparates boutiques Hermès


Marcel Van Doorn

The environment I was thinking of was the savanna with its animals, the dark red and warm orange shades that create a warm ambiance as if the sun has gone down. These colours are very warm and also remind us of the falling leaves in this period of the year. Warm autumn colours used with the savannah and jungle animals gets you an exotic feel.

As we have limited depth in the windows I wanted to use a decor with 3 layers of cur out shapes to create a 2D/ 3D environment and create more depth with colours and light. Sometimes you can still see the straight frames of the different layers on the side, as if the windows is framed in to create a feeling as if you look into a box.

Playing with (led) lights and using strips of little lights in between the 3 different layers of cut outs we could create more a mysterious ambiance.