Window dressing and unique spaces for Burberry boutiques

The challenge

One of the biggest challenges when you work for the Burberry brand is the limited time and complex manufacturing of the elements. However, after several projects together, the brand trusts our team and allows us to adapt the design to the needs of each job. “Creativity allows us to break down barriers and explore new possibilities for us, our customers and suppliers” is the Burberry philosophy that, without a doubt, we at INSTORE share.

The result

In each project we manage to meet the client’s expectations regarding time and quality, in turn impacting each person who visits a Burberry point of sale. Thanks to the campaigns that they launch continuously at an international level, they reach the public directly with a clear message. They go out of the norm and launch proposals that reinforce their brand image. Our collaboration in the window dressing and decoration of its stores in Spain, Portugal, Italy or France, are a clear example of this.


A firm with a past

Burberry owes its name to the last name of its founder, Thomas Burberry. Born in 1835, Thomas Burberry opened his first store when he was just 21 years old in Basingstoke, a town southwest of London. Burberry, an observer by nature and an innovator by vocation, set his sights on the clothing worn by farmers working around Basingstoke and thought that he should create a garment that would move comfortably in the rain, so present in the day to day. English day. That revolutionary garment was the trench coat. Since then the Burberry range has not stopped growing, as well as its catalogue. Becoming one of the best known and most renowned luxury brands. INSTORE’s collaboration with Burberry dates back to 2015. From that moment on, our relationship with the firm has been continuous, adapting the design guides provided by the brand and effectively distributing the space, taking into account the type of each store and its target audience.

The development

Brand image in all its spaces

At INSTORE we have been in charge of the production and installation of shop windows, furniture and decorative elements for Burberry points of sale in many Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Zaragoza, airports and centers such as the English Court as well as in Lisbon, Portugal, Milan and Paris.

Design guides are sent to INSTORE from the international Burberry department. At that time our design team is in charge of adjusting the sketch to each space. To make a correct adaptation of the design, the first thing we focus on is respecting the customization proposed for each element in each specific place.

After having the design defined, the production department comes into play. All our production departments participate in projects like these: carpentry, locksmith, painting, printing, graphic production… It is also necessary to use a multitude of machinery such as: numerical control, laser cutting, milling, squaring…

The variety of materials used in production allows us to create the space that the brand needs. Wood, methacrylate, lacquered mirrors, glass, mirror dibond, vinyl, printed pvc, backlight canvas, chrome finishes or lacquered paint are some of them.


A correct production makes possible the manufacture of tables, shelves, displays, totems, vinyls, light boxes, backs and decorative elements necessary in each shop window or interior of a store.

muestra de mobiliario para elementos decorativos en tienda de moda Burberry

The keys that hide each Burberry boutique


Customer experience

The careful placement of the product in each space mixed with a well-defined brand strategy makes Burberry spaces not just a store, but a unique experience.


WOW effect

Giant vinyls and canvases, never-before-seen shapes, extravagant colours, different structures, unusual materials… All this makes each burberry space different, special, creating a wow effect, almost hypnotic in the user.



Our relationship with Burberry dates back to 2015 and since then we have not stopped collaborating with them on many projects. Thanks to your loyalty we feel at home when it comes to a job for this firm.



Burberry trusts our team and our ability to respond to any problem, which is why they give us great freedom in adapting the design and manufacture of the elements involved in each project.



Taking care of every detail and looking for perfect finishes is one of the characteristics of INSTORE, something that we share with Burberry and its demand for results. That is why we have been able to form a team.



Selecting high quality materials is one of the keys that allow us to create traveling decorative elements necessary to achieve optimal campaign results.

“Every time a new campaign is activated, a new opportunity is created”


Respect for details

After production, our installation team goes to each store outside and inside Spain to ensure that the elements made are treated with the care they require and are not damaged. Access to the points of sale and the installation of the decorations and furniture created for each campaign are not always easy, it is essential to carry out a suitable packaging and transfer for each occasion. Thanks to the professionalism of the team and the respect for detail, we ensure that we achieve a perfect result. When the assembly team finishes their work, all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and the magic is done. A new campaign is activated, a new client, a better image, a better positioning. In short, a new opportunity.
Escaparatismo visual con vinilo de corte metálico