360º Interior Design for Nike Store Madrid

The Challenge  

Nike has a clear objective in its shops, to strengthen its brand image and create a connection with the customer, so the updating of its points of sale has always obliged us to respect very short delivery times and simultaneous installations in different locations. A complicated but necessary challenge to achieve successful campaigns.
An example of this is the Nike Flynit activation at the Nike Store Serrano in Madrid, a project in which showing the product and explaining its characteristics was the basis for the design and subsequent production and installation of window dressing and decoration.

The result

“Extremely light, extremely strong”, this was the claim of the Nike Flynit campaign. And surrounding this product definition, every decoration detail had to revolve. On top of the complexity of the works proposed in the designs that the client offered us, was the added demand for high quality finishes. 

At INSTORE, by coordinating the work of various trades at the same time, we managed to develop a truly impressive visual communication project, with which the brand and its clients could identify.

logo blanco Nike

Designs that make an impact

Promoting a trainer model may seem simple if we simply focus on an exposure strategy. But if we want to make an impact on our customers and offer them unique shopping experiences, then there are many factors to consider.

Designing and creating something that can become something real is the basis of any communication campaign.

The window displays as well as the furniture displays, and in-store activation points that accompanied the Nike Flynit Lunar 3 project, focused on a theme that represented the idea of durability, strength and lightness of the product. Hence, the main elements were metallic structures with different compositions of silk thread reminiscent of a spider’s web, in which the product is the centre.

montaje e instalación en tienda Nike
The development

Innovation as a brand philosophy

The campaigns proposed by Nike have always had an added extra that goes through innovation, a pillar of the company that tends to be reflected in each shop. A perfect ally to generate projects that inspire modernity are the materials selected to develop the decorative elements.

At INSTORE we have always opted for quality materials that are appropriate for the brand and that allow us to take the project forward. In Nike Flynit Lunar 3 the materials chosen were very diverse: wood, metal, methacrylate, silk thread…… all of them manipulated by our carpentry, locksmithing, lighting and graphic printing departments managed to create the display furniture, the shop windows and the back panels with which each part of the shop was decorated.

Letras corpóreas fabricadas en madera para la tienda de Nike en Madrid
Detalle de mostrador para la colocación de zapatillas montado sobre hilos de diferentes colores en la tienda de Nike de Madrid
Produccion e instalación interior en la tienda de Nike de Madrid
“Innovative projects for unique stores”
Instalación de trasera con hilos en estructura metalica tienda nike madrid

We have to highlight in a special way, the craftsmanship work that our production teams did to adapt and make with silk thread the different displays. Some of them were finished with neon flex and others, the furniture, were fixed to metal structures to which, in turn, corporeal signs and decorative vinyls were applied to enclose each element. The work had so many details that it would have been impossible to carry out without impeccable coordination between the work teams.

Nike plays with the idea of surprising its public and for this reason it shows each campaign as if it were a show, hence the requirement that the installations in its points of sale are carried out simultaneously, something that is often complicated, as they are nightly assemblies in different locations, but the monthly maintenance of the activation areas and the window dressing it requires, the importance given to the updating and presentation of the products is something fundamental within the brand’s philosophy.

Detalle de instalación de trasera gran formato para tienda de nike en madrid

The keys to Nike Store in Madrid


Connection with the customer

If there is one thing the sports shop market has in common, it is the importance they give to communication with the customer, something fundamental when it comes to achieving sales. Facilitating the purchasing process for the customer and having them completely satisfied with the product they buy is of great importance, even essential, for the brand image to connect with the target public.


Unique projects

Creativity is something that brands as important as Nike are supposed to have, and in the Nike Flynit Lunar 3 project they did not disappoint. Shops such as the one in Serrano were an attraction for any interior design enthusiast thanks to the number of details and the high quality and innovation of the elements created.


Strategic promotions

The main objective of any brand is to sell, but if the sales process is accompanied by originality and you manage to create attractive promotions for your customer, your profits will increase more easily. Promotions are a sales strategy and as such, if they are presented in a way that creates a desire in the customer, they will become a success. The Nike Flynit Lunar 3 promotion is one such successful strategy.

Instalación interior de tienda Nike Madrid
Colocación de producto en mostrador con hilos para la tienda de Nike de Madrid
Escaparate con estructura metalica con hilos y neón tienda Nike en Madrid
“Striking designs that build customer loyalty”
Escaparate con circulo metálico atado con hilos y con neón en tienda de Nike

The outcome

The importance of offline commerce

The physical point of sale continues to be fundamental in the business model of brands dedicated to the sale of sports products; they cannot afford to neglect the only space for real interaction with their customers. That is why investment in renovating and maintaining its stores, although often affected by sales volumes, is a subject to be taken into account in regards to the marketing budgets of this type of company. Nike acknowledges this and thus its stores are spread worldwide.

At INSTORE we have had the opportunity to collaborate with the brand in a multitude of outlets such as Gran Vía, C.C. Xanadú or C.C. Plaza Norte in Madrid, La Defense in Paris and even smaller jobs in multi-brand shops or corners in El Corte Inglés nationwide.

Exterior fachada tienda Nike Madrid