Pop Up Store #MyCalvins

The Challenge  

Create stunning pop ups for Calvin Klein, inside department stores and multi-brand shops such as El Corte Inglés. The brand runs internationally, with eye-catching campaigns starring celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and James Rodriguez.

The Result

We achieved attractive pop ups based on a creative design, being careful production and detail, the implementation of technology, customised materials, distribution adjusted to the spaces and high quality images of celebrities who promote the brand. In this way, we managed to capture the attention of customers and make them participate in unique experiences.

Logo Calvin Klein

The importance of the message

It is essential to understand the importance Calvin Klein places on the concept of its campaigns. Nothing is left to chance, everything is thought through to the millimetre. With a well thought out base, a story and a reason for the campaign.
A clear example is their #MyCalvins campaign with Justin Bieber, James Rodriguez and Kendall Jenner among others, where they transmitted the idea of modernity, youth and freshness. “This campaign represents how culture is evolving all the time,” said Melissa Goldie CMO of Calvin Klein.
Two years later, the concept evolved completely with the “Our Family #MyCalvins” campaign, with family, unity and strength at its core. The campaign captured that bond through one of the most famous families of the moment: The Kardashians.

“I ______ in #MyCalvins” con Justin Bieber, James Rodriguez y Kendall Jenner entre otros
The development

All our departments at the service of Calvin Klein.

The process of creating the pop up stores began with the design created by Clavin Klein’s international visual merchandising department. When the concept came to us, we adapted the entire design to the needs of the chosen location, which in both cases were El Corte Inglés centres. Based on the area and the measurements given to us by the commercial space, we created the design, decoration and material proposals. Once the Calvin Klein department had validated our ideas, the project took shape to become unbeatable pop ups.

Proyecto Calvin Klein pop up producción nombre de la marca en neon flex
Proyecto Calvin Klein pop up espacio comercial cajas de luz con gráficas realizadas en lona backlight
Proyecto Calvin Klein pop up produccion e instalacion
“Its aim is to attract customers, activate their emotions and make them feel unique experiences”
En esta campaña la experiencia del cliente jugaba un papel muy importante

In this campaign the customer experience played a very important role.
Once the creative design process was finished, we moved on to production. This process was complete, as all our production departments were involved: carpentry, locksmithing, graphic printing, painting and finishing.

The #MyCalvins campaign consisted of a black lacquered metal modular display structure, screens that reproduced the images and videos of the campaign, light boxes with graphics of the campaign made of backlight printed canvas and die-cut wooden panels where methacrylate corpora were inserted with the name of the brand, cut vinyl and neon flex.

The brand opted for the insertion of new technologies; screens and light boxes, thus creating a special atmosphere with which to stand out from the rest of the others.

La omnicanalidad es fundamental, se fusionó el mundo online con el offline. Priorizaron que el público viviera una experiencia única

In this campaign the customer experience played a very important role. For the brand, omnichannel is fundamental, merging the online and offline worlds. They prioritised the public to live a unique experience, being able to participate through the pop up in competitions and actions proposed by Calvin Klein, uploading images to their social networks with phrases that they personalised themselves. Loyalty between customer and brand with this type of action is much more fluid and offers very positive results.

For the “Our Family #MyCalvins” campaign for the Kardashian sisters, a pop up was created with XL-sized corporeal images of the models’ silhouettes, made of printed PVC finished with mirrored vinyl on the back and sides. The set was finished with an aged pine wood structure and cut vinyl claims.

Pop up store como córner en El Corte Inglés
Nueva campaña de la firma con las hermanas Kardashian como embajadoras de la marca

After making this pop up store as a corner in El Corte Inglés, the same design was taken to several multi-brand shop windows in Spain and Andorra.

Outdoor and indoor shop windows in shopping malls where the brand’s new campaign was shown with the Kardashian sisters as brand ambassadors.

Campaña “Our Family #MyCalvins” de las hermanas Kardashian pop-up en espacios comerciales
Keys to Calvin Klein’s pop-ups


Simple but striking materials

Materials such as wood, metal, neon and iron created minimalist and elegant furniture. The integration of neutral tones provided simplicity and impact at the same time, and also gave prominence to the photos and videos of the chosen influencers.


Industrial style to attract the public

The combination of materials, shapes and colours transported us to the old warehouses of New York, where the roughness of the materials and modernity go hand in hand. The industrial style chosen by Calvin Klein brought a strong visual appeal to his campaigns.


Renowned celebrities take centre stage

More than 25 well-known faces became the stars of Calvin Klein’s campaigns. The brand chose to show the world of celebrities without filters or fear, in a daring and youthful way, to make an impact and attract its target.

Pop up store en tiendas multimarca en España y Andorra


Implementation of eye-catching technology

The retail world is constantly changing and Calvin Klein is well aware of this. That is why it opted for the insertion of new technologies, with screens that reproduced videos and images of the campaign, by means of a carefully studied programming of the content.


Experiences that nobody forgets

One of the main objectives pursued by the brand is to involve its public by creating personalised activities. Clavin Klein’s target is a young segment and they are looking for their participation and interactivity. With both campaigns they managed to create unforgettable experiences for their customers..


The importance of distribution

Achieving a presence in commercial spaces is one of the great challenges we had to face. The distribution and placement of the furniture was done strategically, so that the majority of the public could visualise and interact with the brand’s pop ups.

El estilo industrial que eligió Calvin Klein aportaba un gran atractivo visual a sus campañas
Clavin Klein consigue con sus campañas crear experiencias inolvidables en sus clientes
Inserción de nuevas tecnologías, con pantallas que reproducían vídeos e imágenes de la campaña
“The brand is committed to an aesthetic of seduction”
INSTORE hizo su instalación en los centros de El Corte Inglés con gran dedicación y delicadeza

The outcome

The installation was carefully taken care of in every detail

After production, the furniture was transported and installed. The furniture was transported pre-assembled and the INSTORE team completed its installation in the El Corte Inglés centres with great dedication and care. These processes were carried out at night so that the next morning everything was perfect and ready for customers to enjoy the experience.
Both campaigns were broadcasted in both offline and online media. Social networks, written press, radio and television were some of the channels chosen to give visibility to this daring message.

Calvin Klein is undoubtedly a brand focused on its followers, committed to giving their importance to the concept with daring ideals guided by an aesthetic of seduction. They seek to excite and inspire with attractive designs to ignite the senses of their audience and provoke their participation.

Calvin Klein es una marca centrada en sus seguidores, con ideales progresivos y atrevidos