"Winter Holidays" Christmas window displays for Suarez Jewelry

The challenge

Strengthen the brand image and create a connection with the client.

The Spanish firm Suarez had a conceptual idea and the goal of the INSTORE team was to transform this idea into a viable design and bring it to reality.

A complex project, where the creations in each showcase had to be unique, based on a different Christmas focus.

The result

Based on a design that seemed more like a puzzle, a very meticulous measurement and complex manufacturing and assembly, we managed to create original window displays, exuding elegance and transmitting the values of the brand.

This design transported the client to a dream winter vacation, each showcase was unmatched. The Suarez firm thus achieved its goal of connecting with the viewer.


A creative development that makes a difference

We start the project, creating a base design based on the client’s conceptual ideas. Suarez commissioned us to design the windows of his boutiques for the Christmas campaign, however they were looking for a different approach to Christmas than what viewers are used to seeing.

Our team set out to create an original design, with significant creative work, keeping an eye on every detail. In this case, the product was not the protagonist, it was time for the scenes to be the main claim, standing out to attract the attention of the passerby.

We take care of the entire development of the project, from the design idea to the final result displayed in the shop windows of the different Spanish cities where Suarez is located.

The development

A project at the height of the firm

The creative process led us to the creation of the “Winter Holidays” Christmas campaign, made up of unique scenes displayed in each window, which narrate a dream winter vacation. All these scenes are made up of key elements such as snowy mountains, deer, large pine trees, skiers…

At INSTORE we have been in charge of the design, production and assembly of this project.

We carry out the preliminary project in 2D and 3D, we create the prototype and thus verify the feasibility of the design. We went through a somewhat complex measurement process, which is logical since we are faced with the creation of numerous different pieces, whether it be because of their color, texture, size or shape.

“Each detail is capable of transmitting unique sensations, which make the difference”

Then we start the production of each piece. The carpentry team was in charge of cutting each piece using the numerical control machine and the laser cutting machine. Two types of textures were chosen for the vinyls; wood texture and canva canvas texture. We use white PVC, orange and matt white methacrylate to enhance this design.

Later, the painting department was in charge of giving color to each piece. In addition, led lighting was used in the showcases, achieving a combination of lights and shadows that highlighted each element, giving a spectacular final touch.

Despite working with limited time, the team managed to have all the pieces ready, appreciating their meticulous and delicate workmanship.

Essential keys for a different project


The feasibility of the design

Creating designs that go from the purely conceptual to reality is a challenge. Fitting each idea into a real space was essential for the project to be carried out. The creative process prior to production and assembly made the project viable.


A thorough measurement

This project was set up in ten boutiques and each boutique had three to ten windows. In addition, we had different measurements in each showcase, carrying out a careful measurement was extremely important in order not to make mistakes and develop the process to perfection in an efficient and fast manner.



When a firm seeks to differentiate itself to attract the attention of the client and start a conversation with them, originality and creativity must be main characteristics in the design. And without a doubt, they were key to the development of this work, based on a different Christmas concept.


Limited times

From the first meeting with the client, to the assembly of the shop windows in the different cities, less than three months elapsed. The weather was a big challenge for us. We achieved an exceptional result, where the planning, communication and coordination of the team were essential.


A personalized production

We take care of customizing every detail to adapt to the client’s circumstances and that the result conveys the values of Suarez and the image of the firm.

A quality production with first class materials.



To give the feeling of warmth that we wanted, we decided to include lighting in the project based on LED strips with a warm light of 3000 degrees. These LED strips are hidden between the different panels, thus accentuating the sensation of depth created thanks to the overlapping of 2D pieces. This brought a unique feel to the design.

“It is essential that each element convey Suarez’s values”

The outcome

Fundamental coordination and communication for this unbeatable result

After a long installation, dedicating between three and four hours for assembly in each boutique, we achieved an exceptional result.

The play of the different elements formed unique scenes, creating a sensation of depth that makes the small showcases larger spaces, managing to convey warmth and closeness in each scene. Undoubtedly, the Suárez boutiques knew how to differentiate themselves with a Christmas campaign to match, creating a conversation with the passerby and thus managing to place themselves in the Top of Mind of his clients.

A comprehensive window dressing project with which we have achieved gold in the category of best commercial window display 2022 at the Emporia National Ephemeral Architecture Awards, which this year celebrates its 10th edition.