Find out now about the advantages of digitising your shop or business

The Challenge

Do you know your audience? Do you know how many men or women enter your shop? How old are your customers and at what time do they buy certain products? How much time do they spend in the shop? The challenge is evident; obtain data on the behaviour in your shop to increase your sales.

The result

An increase in sales, direct and fluid communication with the customer, an increase in footfall inside the shop, cost savings, increased loyalty and attraction of new users… In short: you manage to improve the customer experience and consequently your profitability.



Renew or die

We live in a world that is advancing by leaps and bounds. Companies have more and more competition and it is more difficult to differentiate themselves. The arrival of e-commerce has highlighted the need for physical points of sale to evolve. To this end, the digitalisation of establishments is the key. It is no longer enough to simply display a digital screen with promotions to attract new users; these messages need to be personalised according to the type of customer. To achieve this you need to obtain specific data, know in detail the age, sex, tastes and needs of your audience. Only then will you be able to offer them what they are really looking for.

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Smart Content

Information is power

Smart Content is an innovative advertising format that combines the use of data and business intelligence to create intelligent digital content that will be displayed on screens at points of sale. The most relevant aspect of Smart Content is that it allows the creation and adaptation of personalised content for each customer in real time.

This technology (Big Data & Analytics and AI) is revolutionising the industry. More and more companies are implementing it in their establishments, thus offering a valuable proposition and experience, much closer to the customer’s needs.

Pantallas digitales de gran formato con contenido digital personalizado
Pantallas con contenido de marca para atraer al cliente
Digitalización con pantallas en edificios inteligentes
“Do you want to turn your data into sales?”
Pantallas digitales con contenido de marca para el publico en tienda

Data analysis and artificial intelligence solutions enable the identification of potential customers, as well as personalisation and adaptability to their needs, identifying the most effective means of interaction.

There are three fundamental bases for obtaining data:

ERP data: Companies’ own data such as sales history, inventories and stock. Did you know that companies do not use even 10% of the data they have to improve their sales? With ERP technology up to 80% of data can be combined to use and thus channeled to your advantage.

External sources: These are the variables that influence and suggest sales in each of your points of sale, such as the census or per capita income of the population, the location of the shop, time zone, weather, affluence, traffic in the area, events, fairs, strikes, festivals… There are up to 128 external APIS that can be connected to obtain data in real time.

Camera: Data is taken with an anonymous facial recognition camera (it does not record or store) using biometric technology to identify unique users. Recognises up to 1200 people simultaneously. Gender, age and other socio-demographic data of customers in different time slots and days are known. The camera identifies hot spots at the point of sale, as well as the customer’s route through the shop and their flow.

Digitalización con cámaras para recoger diferentes datos en tiendas

The benefits of digitising your shop


30% increase in sales

It is a fact that intelligent digital signage increases revenue by 30%. This is due to the increased loyalty of existing customers and the attraction of new ones. The return on investment is assured in less than a year.


Additional advertising revenue

You save on costs and earn additional revenue through programmatic advertising. You have the possibility to sell advertising in your shop to third parties, where the price of each ad increases due to intelligent targeting.


Increased footfall inside the shop

Outdoor displays are a 24-hour salesperson that attract numerous people to the shop, while indoor displays increase sales. Thanks to them, shop traffic increases by 17% every month.

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Creating different and unique experiences

The surprise and differential factor of digital screens drastically improves the user experience. The purchase of products or services increases by 42% thanks to improving and entertaining the customer while waiting in the shop.


Improved cross-selling and up-selling

Complementary sales increase thanks to the segmentation and detailed study of the different user profiles. By knowing the tastes and needs of the public, it is easy to offer another product or service that may be of interest to them.


Intelligent stock management

It avoids stock breakages as, by having the possibility of segmentation, you can decide which campaigns are the most convenient at any given moment. It also improves the management of the supply chain and suppliers, and provides total control of inventories and stock.

Digitalización con pantallas de contenido personalizado en edificios de negocios
“Digitalisation is the key to a company’s success”
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Machine learning

Unique software

With the data collected, the entire public is segmented and analysed by their behaviour and interests.

After obtaining this information, unique software is used to manage and plan what will be seen on each screen, personalising messages with AI and transforming data into sales.

The software is based on historical data, it learns and adapts thanks to machine learning. The message will be designed based on the business objectives and the data that has been extracted and analysed to define the value proposition and the different actions and campaigns.
These actions can range from showing a product on offer, launching brand recognition content, offering information, interacting on social networks and many others. Once the objective is defined, the visual and auditory message is shaped and designed using the images, gifs, videos or digital content that is considered most appropriate.

The objective is to offer customers a unique and personalised experience, thus improving their perception of the brand. This will exponentially increase the profitability, efficiency and productivity of your business.

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