Orange shops in Carrefour shopping centres

The Challenge

A 360º challenge: to change the image of the Orange spaces in Carrefour Shopping Centres. The modern and contemporary image of Orange’s main flagship stores was to be implemented in the shopping centres. One of the main objectives was differentiation; Orange wanted to stand out from the competition to achieve a completely different and innovative image compared to other telephone brands.

The Result

We achieved an up-to-date, modern shop in line with Orange’s new image. The priority was to improve the in-store customer experience; this was achieved through a shopper-centric style, a more open shop where the customer has all the perimeter furniture, more visual accessibility and contact with the product. Thanks to this project, Orange achieved a significant increase in sales of its products in shopping centres.

Logotipo Orange

Designing from scratch

We started by making standard proposals, creating the space from scratch. We designed different types of furniture: promotional, accessory and product display furniture, as well as signs and tables with storage. We made different proposals so that every corner of the shops would perfectly communicate the new Orange concept.
After outlining the design idea, the prototyping process began. We started by carrying out the constructive development hand in hand with the production team, thus creating the technical plans of the furniture. We then created the corporate identity manual, with which the brand ensured the optimisation of its branding. A process that ended with the production of a sample shop; this sample allowed us to polish every detail, bringing a high degree of quality to the project.

The development

All our production departments were involved in the Orange project

With the prototype in place, our team got down to work. All our production departments were involved in such a large-scale project: carpentry, signage, painting and locksmithing. In addition to the shop furniture, we produced the signs, methacrylate urns and display cabinets, POS elements, applied flooring, installed the lighting and created the customer service point consisting of tables and stools.

Instalación de rótulos luminosos en espacio Orange de centro comercial Carrefour
Proyecto Orange urnas PVC mobiliario a medid en madera
Todos nuestros departamentos de producción implicados en el proyecto Orange
“Customer-focused design, prioritising the in-store experience”
Instalación de mobiliario para ambientacion de espacios comerciales

Installation of furniture for the ambience of commercial spaces.
It was necessary to use numerical control machinery, laser cutting, milling and squaring machines. The variety of materials used in the production allowed us to create the space that the brand needed, we used: oak wood, methacrylate, glass, dibond, vinyl of different kinds, printed pvc, backlight fabric and ecological paint. With a lot of hard work and attention to detail, we were able to make the creative idea a reality, reinforcing the brand’s branding.

Fabricación de mobiliario comercial
The essential keys to a unique project for Orange


Making a difference

For this project we created something abnormal in the sector, telephone shops in shopping centres used to be simple, without investing too much in design, but on this occasion, we decided to deviate from the norm, we proposed a different design, giving great emphasis to the customer’s experience in the shop and Orange went for it.


Putting the customer first

This project was a radical change. Previously, Orange shops were focused exclusively on the product. With the change of image in their shops, the new design focused on the customer, improving the placement and display of the product, so that the shopper would feel at ease walking around the shop.


Just like at home

The most important key to the whole project was to improve the customer experience. To achieve this, we created a warm and pleasant space, with an open, yet simple layout,  creating less of a visual burden, and more of a peaceful atmosphere. We achieved the objective of making the buyer feel at home “Orange is your home”.

Cambio de imagen en los espacios Orange en los Centros Comerciales Carrefou


Impressive communication

A 360º transformation was achieved in the brand’s communication. Different graphics were created that perfectly conveyed Orange’s new principles. The strategy was different to everything that had been done before; attractive promotions were displayed on the furniture and eye-catching signs were included to attract the attention of anyone passing by the stand. 


Wood: a sense of home

Oak wood was a fundamental element for this project. Different materials and colours were considered in the design process, however, the winner was wood in a neutral tone with exposed grain. It was chosen for the warmth and homely feel that this type of material brings.


Breaking with the established

Close to the Orange stand was the stand of its main competitor. Therefore, we had to make the brand stand out in a striking way, we had to make their potential client choose them. So we decided to break the rules and create a design focused on the shopping experience.

Imagen moderna y actual para Orange en los Centros Comerciales
Decoración de espacios comerciales instalando rótulos luminosos
Madera de roble elemento fundamental para este proyecto
“We created a warm space with a clear message: “Orange is your home”
Importancia a la experiencia del cliente en la tienda Orange retail

The outcome

A special installation

Completely carried out by our installation and transport department.We started by coordinating with the customer their choice of dates and times of transport. 

We took care of the access management with the shopping centre so that they would allow us to carry out the installation at night. One of the most complicated moments came at the time of transport. It had to be done with special high-capacity trucks, as it was a large shop volume, with large and heavy elements of between 2500 and 3000 kg.
The assembly times were on two nights; on the first night was the preliminary installation of platforms and walls as a perimeter base was carried out, while on the second night, the furniture and other details such as urns and display cases were installed, signs were connected and all the electrical works were completed. In just two days, customers were able to enjoy a unique, close and different experience in the new Orange shops.

Proyecto integral, realizado en nuestras oficinas y talleres


Subsequent to the completion of the project, Orange decided to make some improvements to the new shops. The staff needed more storage space for bulky items, so INSTORE proposed a solution tailored to their needs. We redesigned one of the signs from 12 cm to 52 cm wide, integrating it perfectly with the previous design and at the same time providing a large storage space. In this way we were able to seamlessly merge design and decoration with usability and accessibility.
Another problem suffered by the shop was staff theft. Therefore we redesigned the base cabinets by removing the legs and enlarging them to the floor and anchoring them there to the floor. In addition, we included the security boxes inside the cabinets and fixed them to the floor to increase security at the point of sale.


The fact that Orange has relied on INSTORE throughout all these years to carry out its projects and that it continues to do so, helps us to commit every day to quality and innovation at the point of sale. This latest project has been a comprehensive work, carried out in our offices and workshops; we have provided consultancy, design, production and installation services. Working hand in hand with the brand, we managed to create something extraordinary.