Installation of POS campaigns and window dressing

The challenge

When a multinational like Sáfilo chooses you to carry out the implementation of its Point of Sale Program in opticians throughout Spain, you have no choice but to accept the challenge and begin a journey together that has lasted more than 20 years.

The installation of POS campaigns throughout the national territory, meeting the established times, has been our objective achieved.

Cookie qualities

The result

Making your product stand out among many others is difficult, but if you rely on a marketing strategy like Sáfilo does, the result can be like the one we achieved with this project. An important presence in shop windows that impacts customers and that has been achieved thanks to the correct execution on time and with the quality expected by our client.


Sáfilo's challenge

We travel to the first years of the 21st century and we face a project that has endured over time, the development of Point of Sale Programs for optical stores, a marketing concept that encompasses a set of actions that the brand will develop in a long period of time in the chosen stores to promote their products with actions of all kinds.

Sáfilo, with a distribution network that has more than 100,000 points of sale around the world, is a leading company in sales strategies and logistics management. Always focused on research, development and design, they have managed to be a benchmark in the eyewear market both in design, production and distribution.

The development

Annual plans

The brand works in its network and does so with actions that range from presentations in stores, discounts, incentives for the sales channel……promotions that seek to have the best possible presence in the chosen opticians.

For this, Sáfilo presented his annual planning with a calendar of actions. The first and essential thing was to carry out an audit visit to the selection of points of sale, and with this, we assigned the type of showcase that each optician was going to carry.

Receiving all the material produced in Italy that was going to be installed in the stores, carrying out work on the implementation of the furniture created ad hoc and visual merchandising for product placement.

A distribution and logistics management job that has been possible thanks to the training of the teams that carried out the installation at a national level.

“+5000 installations carried out in just one year"

What began with a test of 60 implementations ended up being a project that impacted more than 5,000 storefronts a year.

100 activations a week could be carried out due to the great coordination work between Sáfilo’s marketing department, its sales department, its customer network and our logistics and facilities team.

Keys to success Sáfilo's


Direct communication

Fluid and quality communication between all parties is what made it possible to meet the challenge of installing the campaigns that Sáfilo had defined for each moment of the year.

With the e-commerce platforms that the brand has implemented, they can be close to their customers to satisfy their needs at any time, wherever they are. Among Sáfilo’s values is that of cultivating responsible and lasting associations based on trust and this is noticeable when managing projects based on planning in which many actors intervene.


A consolidated network

Sáfilo’s main clients are opticians who distribute their products and who choose them for their ability to implement strategic plans.

Its business model is customer-centered, based on relationships of trust and transparency.

With direct subsidiaries in 40 countries and a network of more than 50 qualified partners in another 70 countries, its distribution network reaches around 100,000 points of sale.

This makes them a world leader in the distribution sector.


POS Themings

The personalization of points of sale has become a trend widely used by brands today.

Campaigns based on sales volumes and visibility, generated according to impact capacity, gave way to customizations more focused on the product and giving importance to the brand that was being promoted. Creating themed spaces in which furniture gained in importance.

This gave us the opportunity to create additional productions that completed each campaign.


Luxury licenses

Sáfilo’s product is comprised of patented and licensed brands.

Dior, Gucci, YSL, Armani, Boss, Polaroid, Carrera, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo… are some of the brands that have designed and distributed in their network of opticians in recent years.

Unique craftsmanship and more than 140 years of manufacturing tradition in the eyewear sector underpin them. This, together with constant technological innovation, means they create products and processes to offer products of excellence and the highest quality.


Looking to the future

One of the company’s policies is sustainability. And they have it as a pillar in all their sales strategies and in the development of their products.

To design a more sustainable future, they research and use environmentally friendly materials, convinced that innovation and the digital transformation of processes are the best tools to take advantage of to make this business more sustainable and eco-conscious.

The selection of suppliers such as INSTORE is done directly to ensure the reliability and sustainability of the production process, verifying compliance with international standards.

Sharing these values and promoting the application of the highest quality and environmental standards has without a doubt been one of the keys to the success of this collaboration between Sáfilo and INSTORE.


POSManager, a service and software created for management

With the POSManager solution we have kept our client informed in real time of the status of all facilities.

A custom-created software with which we carry out the comprehensive management of the opticians and the activation campaigns of the different brands.

Our assembly teams distributed throughout Spain were able to immediately report all the data and images of the different processes.

An essential collaborative tool in activations of this type.

“Quality, sustainable and ecological materials”


A very careful job

The visual communication success that Sáfilo achieved with the development of the different Point of Sale Programs that we were able to manage is undoubtedly due to great communication and coordination work on the part of the multinational.

Planning, accuracy in timing, design and execution of activations, control of all areas, including our distribution, installation and visual merchandising, made the success of the project possible.