Pop Up Store: Maison Lancôme, a commitment to sustainability

The challenge

How to get the wonderful Domaine de la Rose from Grasse, France, to the center of Madrid? The answer comes to us from  Wozere Studio.

Experts in creating pop-ups and decorations for brands on this occasion designed a recreation of the Maison Lancôme based on a very peculiar space, construction containers.

11 containers that we had to adapt to be able to carry out the project that was proposed to us, a comprehensive decoration of an unusual space that would accommodate the 3 divisions of the brand: makeup, treatment and fragrance.

The  Result

Turning the ephemeral into something that seemed definitive is what made this pop up store something more. The quality of the finishes and the premium results that Lancôme  demands in its projects make it remain one of the most powerful beauty brands on the market.

Free entry to the Maison for the first time in 14 years meant that more than 4,000 people attended in 7 days an immersive and sensory experience in which they were able to see the importance that the brand gives to sustainability, the brand’s new products and the latest technological innovations associated with beauty.


An unforgettable tour

Let’s start with this beautiful story of love for nature and taste for creativity and design.

Lancôme was going to be in the center of Madrid, in the Plaza de Colón, for a week and he had to be seen, in the best way, by opening the doors of his house. The Maison offered visitors a unique experience, a tour that began with the presentation of its latest fragrance, La vie est belle Rose Extraordinaire and then gave way to the Skincare – Rénergie skin care space and then the area dedicated to Teint makeup Idole Ultra Wear and finally, the store, a space where you can buy the products after having tried them and see which one best suits your needs.

Pop up store Lancôme en Madrid

The development

A tailor-made event

We face a meticulous design adaptation process. Wozere Studio had a creative project in its hand that it was time to make it a reality, respecting the brand’s requests while focusing on the production  of each decorative element. We begin with the 3D adaptation and the creation of furniture plans. We had to comprehensively cover all the containers. Decorate the interior divided into 5 blocks, each with a specific aesthetic.
Producción gráfica evento inmersivo Lancôme

“1 month of production and 3 days of assembly”

Coordination between all departments was essential, both at the time of event production and on the assembly days.

A production lasting approximately one month in which all the furniture is created that will then form each set and will be installed in 3 days.

Perfect coordination between departments

Our carpentry, locksmith and graphic production workshops were essential to create, based on the design that came to us from the brand, all the display furniture, the integration furniture for the different experiences, the interior and exterior signage of the Pop Up Store, the different lamps and lighting systems, electricity channeling on the floor, wall and ceiling. And of course, the conditioning of the exterior pavement with level wooden walkways to go from one space to another.

In order to have all the elements that make up this activation manufactured on the dates set, it was necessary to produce and store them in order to carry out an impeccable installation in which more than 30 people participated.

Evento sostenible pop up store Lancôme
Mobiliario integrado pop up store Lancôme
Mobiliario integrado pop up store Lancôme

The keys to an impressive event


Immersive experience

Lancôme opted for a free access format with a tour of the brand’s most powerful scenarios and it was right. Making the client enjoy a sensory experience in which smelling, touching, observing and tasting was mandatory.

Generating memorable experiences of this type places the brand at the customer’s top of mind.


Evento sostenible

Lancôme’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact involves carrying out actions such as those seen at this event, in which the brand offered refill options for its products at the end of the route, promoting the benefits of these formats, and transmitting the importance of choosing products that respect the environment.


A powerful storytelling

The Maison Lancôme inspired by the Domaine de la Rose made us travel in space, took us to Grasse and showed us how in the south of France, there is a land cultivated for centuries, following regenerative agricultural practices, a refuge for diversity and a home for the organic Centifolia roses used in their fragrances.


Reference in the world of beauty

“Since its creation, more than 85 years ago, Lancôme has defended care and transformation as part of its core values.
As one of the leading beauty brands, we have a responsibility to help address crucial planetary and societal challenges to continue building a happier, more sustainable future for all. Protecting biodiversity, helping vulnerable women around the world,
and offering our consumers the possibility of choosing more sustainable consumption options, thus becoming creators of change.”



A necessary collaboration

Looking for event service providers that can provide global solutions is a safe bet. That there is good communication between the brand, the creative agency and those in charge of the production of the event and the installation is essential. Only with collaboration between departments can a project of this magnitude be carried out in the center of Madrid.

“A sustainable Pop Up Store in the center of Madrid”


More conscious events

Being able to recreate a true story, commit to innovation, apply technology to create useful experiences for customers, serve as a reference not only as a consumer brand, but as an image to follow, is something so valuable that only large firms, hand in hand of experts, in the events sector, can achieve it.

The future is here, in the involvement of brands in the generation of responsible, conscious and sustainable events.

Pop up store Maison Lancôme en Madrid