Comprehensive decoration of Vodafone points of sale

The challenge

The main challenge consisted of transforming the Vodafone stores in parallel with the implementation of its new brand image.

This renovation began in 2013 with the incorporation of different elements of visual communication. Exterior and interior decoration of the store supported by signage, personalized furniture, graphic production, POS and technology integration.

A work of adaptation and remodeling in more than 300 stores nationwide.

The result

Thanks to a store design with a different and innovative layout, an adaptation and renewal of the optimal brand image was achieved.

Attractive stores with high efficiency in terms of user experience. The perimeter distribution of furniture and decoration facilitated the creation of an intuitive and highly accessible customer journey for the product.

Vodafone was positioned in the Top 10 telephone companies in our country.


A pleasant visual space that respects the brand image

In 2013, the first prototype of the new Vodafone stores was developed and today we continue with the same work model adapted to the demands and needs of the brand.

On a first visit to the premises, we take measurements of the different spaces, we look at the characteristics of each store to design and adapt the elements to be installed, always trying to achieve a pleasant visual space that respects the brand image.

The subsequent production and installation are focused on the luminous sign and the exterior arch of the façade, essential to create a new store. The interior furniture, the graphic decoration, the PLV, as well as different posters or printed vinyl, whether informative or decorative, for exterior and interior, are made taking into account that they are an ephemeral and temporary component.

The development

Unifying concepts and finishes

Initially, the Vodafone team provided us with a series of guidelines to take into account for the design and production of their points of sale. Always respecting the brand image and the needs of our client, we built a type of store that has been replicated nationwide every time we face a new opening or update.

In this type of project, all the elements are made to measure, for each point of sale; A clear example is the arches made of red methacrylate characteristic of Vodafone stores. Each store is different, the measurements change and the radii used in the curvature, to create its shape, are customized according to the dimensions of the store.

The essence of Vodafone points of sale lies in their lighting and colour. Based on this premise, back in the day, we carried out different tests with multiple lighting finishes. Both in the arches and in the signs we included LEDs of different colors, thanks to this we discovered that the red LED intensified the tonality of the methacrylate much more and from that moment we decided that it would be the base of all the façade arches.

“Ideas that create trends”

The materials used were selected with each element in mind; For the corporeal letters, signs and exterior arches, aluminum over PVC and a white or red methacrylate front were chosen, with high-efficiency LED lighting for backlighting.

For the interior arches, high-quality wood lacquered in gloss red was chosen.

The graphics applied to facades and shop windows, as well as those located inside the store, were made with direct digital printing on vinyl, adhesives, ferrous paper… easily renewable materials.

Technology deserves a special section, included in the decoration of the point of sale as a fundamental and fixed part. From information screens, shift managers, people counters, devices for metrics or NFC inserted in the signage, elements that are updated day by day to provide the best service to customers and the brand.

Showing a standard appearance and unifying finishes contributed to creating a replicable brand image in all Vodafone stores, including those in Shopping Centers, such as El Corte Inglés and Carrefour, thus creating very similar spaces regardless of whether they are flagships, corners or stands.

The essential keys for decorating Vodafone stores


Renewed and impressive image

Vodafone’s new brand image managed to be impressive and close at the same time. The union of vibrant colors together with the minimalism and simplicity of its stores manage to capture the attention of its public.


Material quality

Methacrylate, wood, high-efficiency LEDs, high-gloss lacquers are some of the materials used in the decorative elements of Vodafone stores. Its high quality is what provides the differential value to each of its points of sale.


Image unification at the national level

Thanks to being in charge of comprehensive production at a national level, we achieved a unification in the constructive form and in the finishes, giving rise to identical graphic elements in all the Vodafone Spain stores.


Prioritizing the customer experience

Vodafone managed to be a pioneer company in the telephony retail sector, including an innovative arrangement of furniture, perimeter distribution and a customer journey that placed it, along with the product, at the center of the equation.


Campaign changes in record time

One of the requirements requested by Vodafone was to be able to make campaign changes quickly and by its own employees. Thanks to the incorporation of a novel furniture system in which the graphics are printed on ferrous paper and installed on an adhesive magnet, we were able to successfully cover this need.


Logistics adapted to the volume of facilities

This project went from less to more, if at the beginning it was decided to change some stores on a trial basis, in a short time they began to create complete updates at a national level, always with their own teams displaced, carrying out a production and a custom installation.

“Client and product protagonists of the point of sale”


Teamwork in record time

Thanks to the efforts of all the INSTORE departments, it was possible to meet the client’s demands in terms of installation times.

We were facing a project in which the dates were key and covering the national territory was essential. The implementation of the new image of Vodafone was a success for the brand, today we continue to deal with the renovations and maintenance of the different points of sale, we monitor and control each campaign and our clients are informed in real time.

If we managed to carry out a project of this type, always meeting the quality standards of a brand like Vodafone, it was thanks to having highly qualified professionals with a lot of experience in the retail sector.